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Child First Advocates

Helping Families Navigate the IEP Process


“It is every child’s right to receive a free and appropriate public education under the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA).”

Making & Meeting Goals

We help families navigate the IEP/504 plan process for children with special needs. We start by reviewing your child’s goals, and helping you organize your child’s file. After reviewing the current goals, we look at your child’s strengths and weaknesses and listen to any changes you would like to see. We use this information to develop a quality IEP strategy/goals plan for your to use at the IEP with or without an IEP advocate to assist in the process.

Building Strong Futures

We are passionate about helping families get the educational benefits required for their children. Our philosophy is to work together with the school system and develop a high quality IEP or 504 plan for the child. When this is not possible, our attorneys and IEP advocates protect the child’s right to education by pursuing the legal process to ensure children receive their education benefits under the law and Individuals with Disables Act (IDEA).

Our Advocates / Attorneys

T. Edmund Spinks


Since 2000, I have been a licensed attorney in the state of Florida. When my son was born with Down syndrome I personally discovered how difficult it is to navigate the maze of educational needs and requirements of the school system. I founded Child First Advocates to assist other parents in the process to ensure their children are provided the educational benefits they deserve.

Informational Videos

A great video shared at the Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent’s Advisory Counsel for the Education of Students with Disabilities, of which Ed Spinks is a parent-member. This video was shared i conjunction with  a discussion of mindfulness training in education.

Child First Advocates
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