I attended the Counsel of Parents, Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) conference in New Orleans in March. It was a great four days of training, motivation and collaboration on special education law and topics involving:

  • IEP teams where
    parents and students are equal members,
  • Individuals with
    Disabilities Education Act (IDEA),
  • Section 504 plans,
  • Americans with
    Disabilities Act (ADA), and
  • Federal and State
    laws regarding education and civil rights.

I am putting together a
five-part series on my top five take aways from the conference, which I will be
posting soon.


“COPAA is not a conference for theorists to discuss what should be, but for the warriors who will fight battles in the trenches and the generals who will map strategy, knowing what it is and how to do it. Applied techniques, tactics, strategy, war stories – it’s all there at COPAA.” 
Wrightslaw, THE SPECIAL ED ADVOCATE, VOL. II, NO. 2, January 8, 1999

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