Top Five Takeaways from COPAA’s 21st Annual Conference
(Part 3 of 5)

Present Levels of Performance are Important

Present Levels of Performance may be the MOST important part of the IEP. You can not measure progress if you don’t know the base line (present levels). Always start with the present levels to get a base line of where you are at, make sure it is accurate and measurable. Take the time to write accurate present levels of performance on the IEP and how your student’s disability impacts learning, behavior, social and emotional in the school environment.

Based on the present levels, next develop how the student must be given an education that is reasonably calculated to allow them to make a degree of progress that is appropriate in light of their learning potential. Keep in mind, you cannot know if progress is being made if the goals are subjective, most teachers will always say the student making progress in light of the child’s circumstances. Make the goals targeted and measurable, look at state standards, curriculum standards; plan one years growth at a time, to build on where you want the student to be in 3 years, 5 years, and what is needed to get there. Remember to reach out to private experts as necessary to get evidence to support your desired goals.

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